增加了从Steam聊天和Steam overlay(覆盖steam游戏界面工具层 shift+tab打开)接受游戏邀请和派对邀请的支持。 

增加了对某些命令的执行延迟,这些命令可以在命令行上指定,以便在主菜单完全加载后再执行(例如,econ action preview命令,match download命令,playdemo命令等)。




[ MISC ]

  • Added support for accepting game invites and party invites from Steam Chat and Steam Overlay.

  • Added an execution delay for certain commands that can be specified on command line to be deferred until main menu fully loads (e.g. econ action preview commands, match download commands, playdemo, and similar).

  • Fixed a bug that caused game events to not appear in CSTV demos recorded in tv_record_immediate mode.

  • CSTV auto record now requires either an active CSTV server or tv_record_immediate to be enabled.

  • Performance optimizations in game server demo recording code.